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Thank you for your consideration to include Alta Products Pipe Chase Housings, Curbs and Sigrist Exit Seals® in your building specifications. Our design is now a time-tested, proven mechanical means to create a weather-tight roof penetration system.

Rest assured, since 2006, there are about 2,000 installed Pipe Chase Housings in some of the harshest weather areas of the US without a single warranty request. The same is true of our Sigrist Exit Seal® except that we have over 20,000 installed seals without a single replacement request.

Our double digit, year over year success is due in large part because of you, Architects, Building Envelope Engineers and Specifiers… we listen to your insightful guidance and “What if” type conversations, in fact, we have added three new products as a direct response to your requests.

Submittal pages for each product can be found here: Submittals and Downloads.

Please call or email Carl Piske if there is anything we may assist you with. (206) 409-1237 Ext. 3 or

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