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We are the manufacturer of Pipe Chase Housings, Curbs and Sigrist Exit Seals®. Let us know if you have any questions, happy to be of service to you.

Are you bidding a job? To complete your bid proposal, if so, click here. for our straight-forward pricing / quote page – just enter in the quantities needed, our quote page rolls up the subtotals and gives you a grand total including the estimated shipping costs in seconds.

If you are looking for our Exit Seal Sizing Guide, click here.

Installation Guides: To download installation guides for our Pipe Chase Housings, Curbs and Sigrist Exit Seals®, click here.

In Stock and ready to ship. We maintain a very healthy inventory of our size Small and Medium Housings, Curbs and Sigrist Exit Seals®. We have a limited supply of size Large and Data Center Housings and Curbs. Please contact us to discuss production lead times for larger orders.

Contact: or (206) 409-1237 Ext 3

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