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Data Center Housings and Curbs (Doghouses) Sigrist Exit Seal®

Designed by an Architect – Field tested and proven

Simple, effective and proven to be the best “off the shelf” roof penetration management system. So good in fact that our design has been written into the building specifications of the largest data center firms in the world.

Sigrist Pipe Chase Housings and Curbs have 20 year warranties Sigrist Exit Seal® is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Part number: DH-186024 includes curb (Not Shown)
Dimensions: Housing: 18″ x 60″ x 24″ tall
Curb: 16″ x 58″ x 14″ tall (18″ tall available)

Sigrist brand housings and curbs are manufactured in the United States using .125” thick aluminum. We use computer guided laser cutters and metal forming machines. To insure 100% weather-tight seams, our housings and lids are all hand welded.

Sigrist Pipe Chase Housings are finished using a UV inhibited powder coating material that is electrostatically bonded creating a uniform .2mil thick finish.

Our flawless track record… Our first Pipe Chase Housing was patented in 2006, since then we have sold and shipped over 1,000 Pipe Chase Housings and curbs of various sizes and… about 20,000 Sigrist Exit Seals® without a single failure or warranty request. There is no better way to pass conduit, pipe and lines through the roof than with Sigrist Pipe Chase Housings, Curbs and Sigrist Exit Seals®.

Sigrist Exit Seal® – the “no caulk” exit seal -Molded to Schedule 80 strength using high impact resistant ABS resin. EPDM gaskets are used for the cap and exterior seals. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA

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